We will continue to make great efforts to impress our customers rather than small profits.

On August 2008, WOORI Industrial Systems changed from a private company to a corporation, and expanded the business by acquiring the company of Circuit Breakers and DC Electronic Contactors that protect the power circuits of information and communication equipment.

In particular, the sales increased by more than ten times, from KRW 300 million in 2007 to KRW 4 billion in 2008, and the export is about 30% among total sales.
In addition, we have 68 domestic safety certifications and four overseas certifications (UL) and are technology-intensive company with five utility model rights, one design right, and one trademark right. Under the slogan of "A small company, but the technology-intensive company with the great technology!", in order to become a leading company of power protection equipment in the global market, we are constantly striving to grow into a leading company that contributes to the national competitiveness improvement also, with a sales goal of KRW 15 billion in 2015.
In order to increase overseas sales and expand the market, we have been operating agencies in Germany and India. Also, we are spurring overseas market development, such as participating in overseas exhibitions and market pioneering activities to diversify exports.
Recently, we have been recommended as a potential innovative venture company, and we are in the process of registering new technology (utility model) venture company.
Since 2008, we have been producing eco-friendly products without environmental harmful substances (RoHS) to incorporate our products into energy and environmental projects.

Knowledge-based, customer-oriented value management

By combining knowledge with customer needs, sharing and spreading the knowledge, supplying the desired product to the desired place, at the desired price, maximize the mutual benefits of customer and company.

Global technology development through future-oriented human resources development

Through the cultivation of resources and talents held by individuals and organizations, discover best practices and create new value through the use of accumulated knowledge to secure unique technology of global competitive readers in accordance with the digital era.